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The Beauty Sales Group is a full service sales and marketing company focused on helping you grow!

We work with you to develop strategies for maximizing your brands full potential and visibility in today’s competitive landscapes. Through our established relationships we can help you reach and service almost any class of trade.

Because we can ultimately service all classes of trade, we can continue to meet your changing needs as you grow.

Every brand is unique and requires its own strategies Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, and to drive sales and increase market share.

We offer representation to a very select group of established, as well as start-up beauty and lifestyle brands seeking to grow their independent and small chain store business. We keep our brand portfolio to a minimum, taking care to ensure that our brands don’t compete, but rather complement each other.

Whether you are a retailer or a brand, The Beauty Sales Group is your resource for maximizing revenue and profitability. Our network extends across all channels of retail trade. We provide top brands and product with a competitive edge.


The Beauty Sales Group offers consumer brands access to the finest doors (independent and small chain) and a team of seasoned management and professional sales executives to ensure brand/product integrity and growth.

We work with our brands to build and maintain profitable sales. We offer consumer brand companies - years of combined knowledge, contacts and expertise–including strategies that encompass the tactical elements necessary to grow a brand.

Our team includes innovative and seasoned entrepreneurs that have shaped some of the world’s most successful beauty brands. The principals of The Beauty Sales Group have had distinguished careers in the beauty and lifestyle business and have managed a vast array of products in multi-channel retailers and spas. During their corporate and entrepreneurial careers, they have been involved in countless new product introductions from inception to retail distribution. They are experienced in all phases of the beauty business (sell in the retail universe and selling to the consumer). They possess the unique ability to combine marketing and sales planning into a strategic program for each individual brand. They are entrepreneurs who service their clients with the understanding that all brands are special.

Each brand is unique and requires its own sales and marketing strategy. Our management works with the company to establish their sales and marketing objectives for an ever changing and evolving industry. We customize strategies and solutions to achieve your goals – and then we execute accordingly.


We have developed the most cost-effective, productive, results oriented method and strategy for sales growth in the short and long term.

Our goal is to grow our brands and provide our retailers with the very best product lines.

Our retailer universe encompasses buyers from all classes of trade; retail stores, hotels and resorts, and the lucrative boutique/spas/apothecary/beauty emporium network.

We exercise modern methodology to impart product knowledge and training to spa/retail sales personnel.

With an in-depth understanding of the challenges and ever changing distribution in America, we utilize a systematic approach tailored to build your retail business, functioning as an extension to your company.


We provide our brands with energetic and professional sales people who generate new business through a combination of established relationships and new prospecting. We manage and service new independent accounts, and strengthen retail relationships that may have been diminished over time. Independent accounts, when handled properly have the highest profit margins. We recognize that this retail universe requires a lot of attention. We assist in this process and keep selling expenses variable with sales. There are no employee salaries or benefits.

We align your sales costs with actual sales!

By outsourcing your sales, you are eliminating your in-house sales team and making all your field sales costs and expenses variable. We have found that companies are not inclined to have their salaried employees focus on growing independent retail accounts. It is not cost effective in house.

Our relationships with retailers and industry experts provide you with an "inside track"

We have extensive relationships in the lucrative independent store network, including boutiques, salons, spas, apothecaries, and mini chains. We continuously update and prospect our distribution Network as the market is constantly ever changing. While our main focus is on the lucrative independent retailers (including spas, boutiques, beauty emporiums, and small retail chains), through our established relationships, we can help you reach almost any class of trade.

We train our personnel, emphasizing product knowledge and superior customer service. We solve problems quickly and creatively. We are always accessible.

We take brands to the next level, whether you are a new brand in the market desirous of breaking into distribution or an existing brand that has plateaued. We tap deeper into the store universe, going to retailers that are not as well known, but turn out to be very profitable in sales. We have the retail contacts and marketing expertise to get you there!

We have unique winning brands. We keep our brand collection to a minimum, only offering the top brands in each category. We take careful steps to make sure that our brands complement each other and not compete with each other. We are a valuable resource for short staffed independent stores and busy retailers.

The systems we have established reflect new technology, enhancing our customer service capabilities and broadening our retail reach. Our methodology enables us to touch the retail universe frequently for a more effective, productive fast track to the ultimate goal – sales!

Our team will maximize your team, providing you with high-level strategic resources in a cost–effective manner designed to maximize your bottom line.

For Information Contact: Pamela Friedman, President
Tel: 917–405–0912 / 212–697–3456