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Our Services

Our customized approach is vital for your brand to grow and maintain retail market share. Save on employee salaries and benefits by aligning your sales costs with actual sales.

Utilizing our team, keeps your field selling expense variable with sales, increases efficiencies and maximizes revenue. We help reduce your overhead and operating costs , allowing you to focus on what you do best - develop great products!

We help you grow – profitably!

Each brand is unique. We work with your management team to develop the sales plan to grow existing business and generate new business in line with your corporate philosophy and financial goals.

We work with you to develop strategies for maximizing your brands full potential and visibility in today’s competitive landscapes. Through our established relationships we can help you reach and service almost any class of trade.

Because we can ultimately service all classes of trade, we can continue to meet your changing needs as you grow.

We work on commission only.

Our team is energetic, professional and has the right attitude — ‘we do what it takes to make your brand a success’

We succeed only when you succeed.